Hatmaker Aimee Speer's passion for hats started in her early 20's when she lived in New York.  She was particularly drawn to fedoras and similar styles made with the finest materials and craftsmanship and began collecting fine hats.  Aimee has been living in Austin for almost 20 years and is deeply entrenched in the Austin fashion industry.  She owned Hem Jeans for 10 years, a successful denim bar specializing in high-end denim and clothing.  She then closed the store after her third daughter was born and began receiving extensive training from a legendary hatmaker and also from an experienced local milliner. Her diverse experience has played a part in her well-rounded development and unique style that is constantly evolving.  

Aimee's custom, handmade hats reflect her dynamic personality as well as her client's unique style, utilizing a broad range of materials, exotic skins and unique accents to personalize every hat.  Using machines and design techniques that are over a century old, Aimee can create a beautiful handmade hat of the highest quality that you will COVET for a lifetime.