Care Instructions

We suggest you store your hat in a hatbox or hang it on a hat hook from the backside of your hat. This will keep the brim and crown from being crushed. When handling your hat, grab it by the brim vs. the crown.

Straw Hats

To clean a straw hat, use a mild soap and a very soft brush. Let the hat dry at room temperature.

Felt Hats

For small stains or marks on a felt hat you can use a small piece of fine grit sandpaper and rub it out. For dust, use a hat brush and brush clockwise to keep your hat looking smooth. Gently work your way around the hat until the mark is gone. If the hat has grease or water stains, use a bit of cornstarch or talcum powder to absorb the stain. Sprinkle a good layer of the powder on a dry hat (never do this if the hat is wet) and allow to the powder to sit on the felt for several hours.  Next, brush away the powder with a soft bristled brush. If the hat is dark, it will take several brushings to get rid of the powder (and hopefully, the oil). Repeat if needed to absorb the oil. Never attempt to use liquid laundry stain removers or cleaners.

If your hat gets weT

Shake off the excess water and avoid resting the hat on its brim. Never expose a wet hat to heat (don’t leave it in your car), let it dry naturally at room temperature. (Using a heater or dryer to dry your hat will shrink your hat and other unwanted variations). Be sure that the hat is thoroughly dry before wearing or storing.