Our Process

Everyone has a go-to pair of boots, a bag, a leather jacket or piece of jewelry that embodies their personal style. These are pieces that you covet and keep close. They are timeless items you instinctively reach for when you put your look together. A custom hat using the most premium of materials, created by hat maker Aimee Speer is precisely such an item. She utilizes years of experience in design, consulting and crafting to create a hat that embraces you. Collaborate with Aimee and produce a truly unique and customized hat that reflects who you are. She will create a hat you will live in and wear for a lifetime.

Covet Hats by Aimee Speer: Getting to know you

No. 1 — Getting to know you

  • If you know exactly what hat you want, great! Please let Aimee know and she will make it happen. If not, no problem…she wants to get to know you and your personal style.
  • Feel free to share any social media user names to help Aimee understand your sense of style (completely optional). Send a few pictures of yourself. Tell her about your frame and height. Understanding your structure and face shape will help her determine what crown and brim size will flatter your face the best.
  • Describe your personal style. Would you consider your style to be...bohemian, casual, classic, edgy, minimalistic, elegant, trendy, experimental or a combination of a few different styles?
  • Where are you going to wear your hat? Do you have a specific event or atmosphere where this hat will be worn? Or, is this a signature piece that you want to throw on and wear everyday?

No. 2 — let's make some decisions and get specific

  • Decide on the material (felt, straw, palm) - beaver, rabbit, blend, straw or palm. We will discuss the differences.
  • Identify the best color and silhouette
  • Determine the optimal crown height and brim width
  • Decide on the shape of hat...fedora, floppy, cowboy, boater...etc.
Covet Hats by Aimee Speer: Let's make some decisions and get specific

Covet Hats by Aimee Speer: Let's finish the hat

No. 3 — Let's finish the hat

  • It is now time to decide on the trim. How do you want your hat finished?
  • Do you want binding around the brim?
  • What do you want your band to look like (i.e., leather, snake, exotic, feathers)?
  • Do you want your hat to have any embellishments (i.e., pins, patches)?
  • Do you want your hat to be finished clean, distressed (worn in), or super distressed (burned and destructed)?
  • Do you want a feather in the band? If so, what color or type of feather?

No. 4 —Final review now that the hat is done

  • Aimee can show you the hat (via FaceTime or pictures) to see if there are any final changes or tweaks you want before she ships you the final product.
  • We can always modify your hat down the road, i.e. change the shape, distress it or restyle the hat if you so desire. Additional fees may apply.
  • We know there are lots of decisions to be made. You can give Aimee creative freedom or be as involved in the process as you want. Aimee will be there to make this process fun, exciting and easy.